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d.Climate has changed enough in two years to make France a top destinatio▓n for foreign investment in Europe, according to Ernst & Young consulting firm.Amid high concerns about the int

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ernational trade dispute and Brexi▓t impact, French economy, defying slowdown forecast, rose by 0.3 percent in the third quarter of 2019 than▓ks to boosted domestic demand, data from national statistics insti

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▓s in the medium term.The rosy economic indicators seemed to have boosted Macron's ambition to modernize the country and keep the economic▓ momentum, but at the same time, his reform ▓drive ignited domestic discon

There s▓eems to be a lot more excitement and attent▓ion to them than any other movement or group ▓of Chinese writers who has emerged since the 198▓0s. So I adopt more and more of this."The scho▓lar noted that modern Chinese culture "kind of originated with the adoption and trans▓lation of Western science fiction into Chinese" and Lu Xu▓n, Lin Shu and many other important Chinese authors of the early 20th century had translated Western science fiction▓."Now Chinese science fiction is becoming globa▓lly influential. I think it's a great phe▓nomenon," he said. "So there's a kind of full circle here."FLAVOR OF TODAY'S CHINAWhen he and professor Liu▓ Hongtao from Beijing Normal University were selecting the novellas for their 2016 book

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o help businesses, the Fren▓ch president had been changing labor code, injecting dynamism into public services and institutions and reforming rail sector and education syst▓em, areas where he was facing fierce oppos▓ition that drew thousands to the country's streets in addition to strikes.Up next on his ▓agenda: reforming pension system, improving public healthcare servic

"By the River: Seven Contemporar